Queen Bey

Hellooooo! Welcome to the first EVER Queen of Disney blog post. To put it frankly, I bloody love Disney. I love Disney films, Disney stores, Disney cartoons, Disney characters, Disney pins, and absolutely most of all I love DISNEY WORLD.  I’m super lucky because my husband also can’t get enough of the place (sometimes I think he’s actually worse than me!).  I’m that person who goes on holiday to Disney every year, I couldn’t care a carrot for all the people who groan and laugh at me, the amount of times friends roll their eyes and say ‘what…AGAIN?’ truly does not bother me. It just doesn’t get any better than planning a trip to the happiest place on the planet.  And there lies the inspiration behind this page. For all my friends (and also complete strangers!), I am the go to girl for advice on Disney World and Disneyland Paris. Everyone knows I’ve been thousands of times (sadly, not literally, but that’s the goal..obviously), and on the fiftieth time of writing the same things I thought to myself, you know, I could just write this ONCE and be done with it. So here we are. I’m hoping over time, the answers to all of your questions can be found right here. Sure, there are genuinely a gazillion other blogs about Disney World, but hey….there always needs to be a best, right?!


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